About Me

Jessie fell in love with photography in middle school when she would shoot her friends in her basement. Shortly after finishing her Bachelor's Degree with a concentration in photography, she started her photography business.

What makes Jessie special in the world of photography isn’t just her extensive experience behind the camera, but her experience in front of one since 2010. Over the years, Jessie has been honored to have worked with some of the most influential photographers in the world, each a master of their own creative specialty. It was then that she found her personal style and love for capturing timeless, romantic, moments with lots of joy and spontaneity.

Jessie's work is distinguished by her precise, detail-oriented imagery and her ability to curate a unique vision for each client, and then see it to fruition. She believes style should be timeless, and hopes to convey that message in each photo she produces through the broad visual aspects of image-making.