Do you plan on having your images blown up on the wall? If so, think about how the peach fuzz or the little friend that decided to show up the night before might look also blown up.

This is why having a photographer who also knows skin retouching is crucial. Not because you will necessarily need every photo retouched, but because the photos that do get blown up and are meant to stay on the wall for 10+ years will look much better if they are. This is a specialty skill that some wedding photographers may not have.

Retouching is an art form. Keeping the authenticity of the photograph and all the wonderful aspects while leaving behind the stressors of the day is what a good photographer will do.

If you don't plan on blowing the images up, maybe just hiring someone with amazing style and a cohesiveness to their work will fit the bill.

Does this photographer love selling or photography?

There are many wonderful sales people who are not great photographers and vice versa. A good sales person is not the same as a good photographer. I know so many amazing artists that couldn't sell a free mimosa to an Upper east side girl post-pandemic. Maybe because they don't like feeling pushy, or because they want you to be happy with whoever you choose.

Think for yourself, ask questions like, what do you enjoy most about wedding photography? Try to gage their actual passion for their work. If the passion is there, it'll show in your final images.

do i trust this photographer's style?

There are so many things to manage and focus on the day of your wedding. A specific shot list does not need to be one of them.

Finding a photographer who's work you trust because it's genuinely inline with what you're looking for is important.

Yes, having a shot list for your family is great and very helpful for your photographer, but consider instead of having a shot list, more of a mood board or Pinterest board. This allows for spontaneity and allowing the photographer to capture the truly special moments of your day while keeping in line with your style and overall vision.

Finding the right balance between planning and spontaneity is what the right photographer for you will do.

My background as a fashion/model development photographer has given me specific knowledge of posing, retouching, and capturing moments as they happen in a simple way that has become second nature.

I hope these questions help! If you're interested in booking with me please feel free to reach out anytime via email at jessiefarrellweddings@gmail.com.